Lilly Passes Measure Allowing for Social-Emotional Screenings for Children

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – With wide bipartisan support, state Representative Camille Lilly, D-Chicago, passed legislation last week that creates the option of a social-emotional screening as part of a standard school physical.

“Our educational system is supposed to prepare students for the real world the best it can, teaching them about the world and themselves,” said Lilly. “A social or emotional delay can drastically hinder the progress of a student. If we are able to help these children as soon as possible, it gives them every opportunity of living a fulfilling life.”

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Illinois Legislative Black Caucus Foundation announces scholarship awardees

SPRINGFIELD – Since 2002, the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus Foundation has given deserving students scholarships to assist them in advancing their academic and career goals. This year, the ILBCF will give 62 students $1,000 scholarships, which brings its total over $420,000 scholarship since the organizations inception. In light of Illinois current budget situation, the ILBCF believes that our scholarship program is pivotal in helping provide students with resources for achievement.

“Our budget situation has put some students behind and forced several thousand to drop out of college,” said Assistant majority Leader Kimberly A. Lightford, Joint Chairman of the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus. “It’s a shame that there are groups within government who feel college assistance is a luxury.”

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Lightford: We have to continue working on education funding reform


SPRINGFIELD- Continuing the conversation on much-needed education funding reform, Assistant Majority Leader Kimberly A. Lightford sponsored a measure approved by the Senate today that merges two solutions for the way the state distributes education funds.


The measure, which passed 31-18-8, applies Senator Andy Manar’s Senate Bill 231 for next school year and introduces an evidence-based method beginning with the 2017-18 school year.


“For years, we’ve talked about the ineffectiveness of our current formula. This is a reform that invests in our most vulnerable children’s success,” Lightford said. “We need to put funds in the right place, ensuring that all children are being prepared for a bright future.”

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Lightford expands educational opportunities for minority teachers

041216CM0883SPRINGFIELD- In 2012, 49 percent of Illinois public school students belonged to a racial or ethnic minority group, while only 16.7 percent of teachers did. Many studies show that the more teachers reflect the student body, the better the results in the classroom will be.

In light of this, minority teachers working toward additional degrees or certifications in Illinois could soon be eligible for the Minority Teachers of Illinois Program, under a proposal the Senate approved today.

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