Comprehensive Law Enforcement Reform

Senate Bill 1304 (Raoul/Sims)

SB 1304 is a comprehensive law enforcement reform package negotiated with community groups, law enforcement, states’ attorneys and the Office of the Attorney General. It is designed to improve police-community relations and address racial disparities in encounters between law enforcement and the public.

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Governor Bruce Rauner’s Cuts

Governor Bruce Rauner’s Cuts

Governor Bruce Rauner has proposed draconian cuts over the past few months to our state budget. He plans to balance the budget on the backs of middle and lower class families by scaling back aid and eliminating entire programs that could lead to higher property taxes, higher college tuition costs and drastic cuts to programs that help our most vulnerable residents.

Human Services

  •  Addiction Prevention – $1.6 million
  • Autism – $1 million
  • Teen REACH – $3.1 million
  • Criminal justice services – 50% reduction
  • Medicaid – $1.47 billion

Health & Family Services

  •  Nursing homes – $65 million
  • Early Intervention Program – $23 million
  • AIDS/HIV services – $6.0 million
  • Breast & Cervical Cancer Screening Program – $9.8 million (71%)
  • Managed care (funding hospitals receive to coordinate patient care) – $60 million
  • Child support and department operations – $12.5 million

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