Lilly Participates in Franklin Park’s Annual Railroad Day Event

liley amtrackFRANKLIN PARK, Ill. – Over the weekend, state Rep. Camille Lilly, D-Chicago, attended Franklin Park’s annual Franklin Park Fest for its featured Railroad Day to speak with constituents and answer their questions.

“Local events like these really highlight the history that Illinois’ villages have,” said Lilly. “Franklin Park is Illinois’ fifth largest industrial park, and the Railroad Day reminds us of the progression through different locomotive machines that composed the former might of our country’s railroad systems.”

The Franklin Park Fest occurs each year in June to host a number of events and activities. The first night is the Jazz Night followed by the Railroad Day, which celebrates the different train cars used in the past for either transporting goods or commuters. The rest of the event yields daily carnival festivities. State Reps. Lilly and Willis, along with state Sen. Harmon, stopped by on Railroad Day to observe Franklin Park’s treasury of past and historic railway prowess.

“Many us today use trains to get to and from work, or even a place to visit. It is hard to avoid trains considering Illinois is a national hub for railway travel,” said Lilly. “Perhaps we could explore taking additional steps to institute a modernized railway system r even a high speed rail to grow our economy and offer another form of relief to people.”

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