Lilly Tours Local Art Gala, Views Student Artwork

lilly 4.25.16 art showState Rep. Camille Lilly, D-Chicago, recently toured the West Suburban Consortium for Academic Excellence Art Show in Oak Park at the Cheney Mansion to appreciate student art work and to encourage them to pursue additional artistic work.

“As the Chair of the Museum Arts & Cultural Enhancement Committee in Springfield, I applaud the hard work the students of all school districts, including 97 in Oak Park and 84 in Franklin Park, put in for their creations,” said Lilly. “Art over the past few decades, I believe, has lost its former status as something to be cherished and passionately pursued but so long as young students continue this it will have a profound effect on our culture.”

For the second time, the West Suburban Consortium for Academic Excellence (WSCAE) hosted its annual art expo event for their school districts’ students to promote the art work completed by them, ranging from grades K-8. All 525 art displays were held in Oak Park’s Cheney Mansion and each student described their work to viewers. Also present were artists from the Oak Park Art League who performed live art demonstrations.

“Art is inspiration for everyone, especially learning school students. What we may not be able to express in words, some, like these students, are able to construct limitless expression and ideas with a single piece of art,” said Lilly. “I couldn’t be happier to see students engage with their creative skills and produce cultured masterpieces. It is my hope that WSCAE will host a third art expo next year again to continue highlighting student achievement and art’s significance in our culture.”

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