Van Pelt aims to limit red tape for people seeking work

040616CM0930SPRINGFIELD — State Senator Patricia Van Pelt (D – Chicago 5th) has been busy advocating for not only children, but also for people seeking work.


Van Pelt advanced a measure providing that no employer shall enter into a non-compete covenant with any low-wage employee. Any other non-compete covenant must be disclosed to an employee prior to the hiring of the employee.

It defines “low-wage employee” as an employee based on hourly, annual or monthly compensation and allows the Department of Labor to adjust these amounts for inflation. The department shall also investigate and enforce complaints.


One study suggested a significant share of workers don’t necessarily understand the agreements they’re signing. About 40 percent of those who signed a non-compete agreement “read it quickly or not at all.”


“This is a commonsense measure that puts more individuals to work. No one should be limited in their pursuit of employment. It is my hope that it will be called for a vote within the coming weeks, Van Pelt said.



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