Hutchinson: “How much collateral damage is all of this chaos worth?”

052515CM0162SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Toi Hutchinson (D – Chicago Heights) released the following statement after news the governor declared an impasse in negotiations with the state’s largest employee union:


“Today’s decision by the governor affects tens of thousands of Illinois workers who protect our children and our seniors and keep our streets safe at night. They are our home health care workers, child care providers, state troopers and corrections officers. They are real people doing the work we need them to do to function as a state. A labor stoppage is truly frightening especially in light of the fact that our social safety net has been pushed to the brink of collapse.


“I don’t understand why the governor insists on pushing our state closer to complete chaos. What’s the point? This is not new. We have spent the last seven months at impasse without a budget. The irony is that there is no impasse if you decide not to be at impasse.  These are the moments when you must keep trying.


“How much collateral damage is all of this chaos worth?”

One thought on “Hutchinson: “How much collateral damage is all of this chaos worth?”

  1. Please include social workers in the commens on the Governor’s refusal to negotiate with ASCME.The protect and monitor the 15.000 children that are wards of the State. An extremly vulnerable population that is the subject of abuse/neglect reports to the hotine.
    Additionally their is talk of Chicago State being closed for lack of adequate fundng in March of 2016. Students, Professors and other key administrative staff will be harmed by this action. Please intervene and obtain a court injunction to maintain this University.


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