Trotter reappointed as Chair of Illinois Senate Appropriations Committee

051215CM0510SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Donne Trotter (D-Chicago, 17) was reappointed as the Democratic Chairman of the Illinois Senate Appropriations I Committee last week.

“Senate Democrats continue to believe that adequate funding for education, health care and services for children and seniors must be our budget priorities. As the new chair, I look forward to creating bipartisan solutions to end the budget impasse our state currently faces,” said Trotter.

Few others understand Illinois State Government as well as Trotter, a veteran of the General Assembly for over two decades. The budget expert served as a long-time chairman of the Senate Appropriations I committee and currently serves in the Senate Appropriations II committee, as well.

Throughout his career, he has worked to reduce unnecessary spending, encouraged streamlining of state services and earned a reputation of evenhandedness in difficult negotiating circumstances.

In addition to leading the caucus’ budget debates, Trotter serves in the Executive, Energy and Public Utilities committees and the Subcommittees on gaming, governmental operations and oversight of Medicaid managed care.

The Chicago-education, Cairo-native has stood up for people who rely upon public health and social services across Illinois.

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