Illinois Legislative Black Caucus host Civic Youth Engagement Day

051415_js_0405Since Assistant Majority Leader Kimberly A. Lightford was elected to represent the 4th Senate District, she has been a consistent advocate for providing our youth with the education opportunities they need to succeed. Leader Lightford has carried this responsibility into her role as Chairman of the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus.

Today the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus is hosting its first annual Youth Civic Engagement Day. The event will give 8th graders from around Illinois hands-on experience in engaging elected officials and allow participants to gain a better understanding of the legislative process.

“Far too often, our youth become adults who have little to no knowledge about how government operates,” said Chairman Lightford. “This day-long event will shine light on policy issues, the legislative process and allow the participants to interact with their state legislators.”

The students participated in a host of events that included a Grand Civic Youth March, lunch with constitutional officers and an opportunity to lobby state legislators.

“I hope this event sparks a chord in our youth that propels them to become more involved with their community,” said State Representative Rita Mayfield, Chairwoman of the House Black Caucus. “The only way our community advances is if we encourage our youth to engage in public policy issues and engage in the legislative process.”

Students were selected from middle schools in ILBC members’ districts. Over 550 students from across Illinois participated.

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